Hetalia: Axis Powers - Liechtenstein
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BESO SECADOS AL SOL Ne Ne~! Welcome to my blog! I am currently drawing anime and manga style drawings but I do draw in other styles. I will mostly tend to post posts related to my anime and manga interests and do accept requests from others.My anime and manga list include:Hetalia, Ouran High, Naruto, Fairytale, Madoka Magica, Shingeki no Kyojin, Sekaii Ichi Hatsukoi, Sailor Moon, Full Metal, and such and such...   
 Aside from anime and Manga I enjoy a variety of others things. I love to read fiction novels (Jerry spinelli and stephen king being two of my favoties). I also love to pass the time with video games (PS2-3, Wii) and netflix. The one thing i love to the most however (aside from sleeping and eating) is writing!I am and have been an aspiring artist since 2nd grade and have written many stories and poems. I expect to post most of my work here and if not here I have an account on deviant art! (SuPeRdAnCeHuLaLAWL)I also i am relatively new to tumblr so i am still trying to figure out how this site works and whatnot~

Adios~! Bessa Bessa<3

Prussia scarred for life

Prussia scarred for life

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